Take the Family on a Tour of the South of France

Take the Family on a Tour of the South of France

France, a land known for iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, a sizzling hospitality as is evidenced in their hotel and accommodation facilities as well as their unparalleled taste when it comes to fashion. Indeed, a visit to this country is bound to be an unforgettable experience and because it is hard for anyone to traverse the entire country over a short vacation, it is always better to focus on specific locations. One location that deserves a mention is the South of France also referred to as le Midi; a family friendly location that stretches the borders of the Atlantic Ocean and south of the Marais Poitevin, the Mediterranean, Spain and Italy. Take your backpack and join me as I take you to an unforgettable family tour in le Midi.

Let’s Learn Some History At Saint-Émilion

Saint-Émilion is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which means there is always something new to learn. Of notable mention is the famous catacombs that are built under the town on a scenic spot that overlooks the Dordogne Valley. Take advantage of a drive around the streets to marvel at the charming houses and the fascinating Romanqesue ruins. And your stay wouldn’t end till you have made it to the historic underground Monolithic church that has since been carved into the limestone. If you fancy some red wine, then you have a chance to sample a few here as well.  Here is a closer look at Saint-Emilion.

Pyla Dune

The Pyla Dune or Dune de Pilat as it is locally known is the tallest dune in the entire Europe. It is tucked between the Arcachon Bay, the Atlantic Ocean and the Landes forest. It offers a great treat for the kind of families that prefer some fun, outdoor recreational activities such as extreme kiting and paragliding. Should you find yourself here in the summer months, remember to take part in the sunset discovery tour and you will appreciate why this site is visited by over a million people annually.

Bordeaux Wine & Trade Museum -Some Wine Tasting

This museum may be fairly new but it is already earning its place as a prime destination in the South of France. The museum was opened in 2008 in the Chatrons district of Bordeaux. Aside from a picturesque architecture, the museum offers an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the heritage of France with regards to the famous wine trade that has existed from the Middle Ages. And this learning is made possible, thanks to artifacts, models as well as 2-dimensional realizations carefully designed to explain how the wine trade system works.

And How About Seaside Dining At Arcachon

How would it feel to wrap-up your family tour in the South of France without visiting one of the most enchanting seaside resorts in the world? As a city whose history is curled around fishing, there is no doubt that Arcachon features some of the world’s best oysters. Take advantage of the scenic seascape and enjoy your sumptuous seafood as you marvel at the best of Mother Nature. And after a day well-spent, you can go spend your night in the historic Arcachonnaise villas as you try to understand why these 19th Cen. landmarks still hold their charm regardless of their age.